In our previous blog, we’ve talked about the dangers of smoking and the different ways
the toxins can negatively impact your body.

To help you kick the habit and improve your physical and mental health, here are 5
strategies you can use to make your quitting journey a success.

Plan Your Quit in Advance

Many people think that going cold turkey on a moment’s notice is the best way to kick
smoking for good, but doing this can mean you’re not emotionally prepared and do not
have any counter-measures in place if you feel the urge again.

Mark your quit day on the calendar and start planning all the ways you can stay on the
path to healthy living.

Keep Your Hands Busy

We don’t often think of the ways that our body gets used to smoking, especially the
empty feeling our hands will have when they aren’t holding a cigarette.

Keep your hands busy with a stress ball, keyboard, or even a deck of cards to avoid the
sense that something is missing which prompts the cravings for just one more cigarette.

Check With Your Insurance Provider for Benefits

It takes plenty of willpower and motivation to quit smoking, but do you know who wants
you to quit just as much as you do? Your insurance provider.

Insurance providers want to keep their policies low-risk and will offer many incentives to
keep them that way, so check with your provider and see how much your premiums
may be lowered or what treatments may be covered.

Have Friends or Family Hold You to Task

No matter how much you feel prepared to quit, there will be days when your willpower is
sapped and you’ll be searching your home for just one more cigarette.

Having a strong network of family and friends by your side to help you stay clean won’t
just give you additional protection on your bad days, but they’ll also give you more
motivation to quit to make them proud.

Talk to a Therapist or Medical Professional

Smoking is just like any other addiction in that it emerges as a way to cope with stress
and anxiety, and if you are looking to successfully kick this habit, the underlying issues
that cause it need to be addressed with a mental health professional.

Schuster Family Medicine and Osteopathic Care have years of experience helping
people kick their habits and improve their quality of life, and we want to help you as well.

Give our team a call today or visit us online to chat with our team about what quitting
options and strategies can work for you.

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