Ever since the 1950s when scientists begin to realize the dangers of smoking,
governments and medical professionals have done their best to educate the public on
the serious health risks of tobacco use. However, many Americans today still use
tobacco products and struggle to kick the habit.

Let’s take a look at the major dangers of smoking and vaping and how you can start
kicking these habits completely.

The Dangers of Smoking

Smoking tobacco poses a number of health risks to users, including cardiovascular
diseases, many different forms of cancer, and other health problems like cataracts and

Second-hand smoking also poses a serious threat to non-smokers, as an estimated 1.2
million non-smokers die every year from tobacco smoke.

The Rising Risks of Vaping

Vaping works just like traditional cigarettes in that its users inhale foreign chemicals and
gases. By using e-cigarettes or electric vaporizers, though, people ingest fewer toxic
chemicals than normal tobacco.

Although using e-cigarettes and vaporizers have become incredibly popular due to this
misconceived safety, researchers across the United States are beginning to report
cases of lung damage caused by vaping.

As of September 2019, the CDC has reported more than 800 cases of lung disease
across the country stemming from e-cigarette use, with at least 12 of these cases
leading to the patient’s death.

Options to Quit Smoking

Quitting the use of tobacco can help your body avoid these risks, but we understand
that kicking this habit is easier said than done. To make sure your cessation is
successful, be sure to follow the START process:

● Set a quitting date: this will give you time to prepare and motivate yourself.

● Tell your loved ones: Having a friend who motivates you will help you succeed.

● Anticipate your needs: Quitting isn’t easy, so be prepared for your most
challenging days.

● Remove cigarettes: Get rid of anything that helps you smoke or reminds you of it.

● Talk to a doctor: A physician can support you and monitor your condition.

Schuster Family Medicine and Osteopathic Care have years of experience giving
families the care they need, and our staff is committed to giving you the medical,
physical, and emotional support you need to kick your smoking habit and live a healthier

life. If you’re interested in our smoking cessation consultations, give our staff a call
today at (317) 434-1750 or visit us online to book your appointment today.

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